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The Monroe Group LLC Implements Innovative Methodology to Disrupt Affordable Housing Paradigm.

Affordable housing has been a popular concept in the United States, but a stigma has been attached to it, and firms like The Monroe Group LLC believe a change in the narrative is vital and possible. Housing in the United States is a hot topic. Several government initiatives have been launched to make housing affordable, including public and private partnerships striving to ensure Americans get great housing at low, fair prices. However, affordable housing has faced a certain stigma because these projects are often linked to crime, poverty, and poor living standards. This stigma is based on outdated and inaccurate stereotypes that hurt those who need subsidized housing. While affordable housing has become a buzzword, it is undeniable that the idea has not become a fully formed concept in the country.

Desmonde Shalom Monroe, President and CEO of The Monroe Group LLC, a New York City MBE firm, believes that the stigma associated with affordable housing must be broken, and holistic efforts must be taken to make it happen. Desmonde has rebranded himself and his firm as an Economically Aligned Housing Development company as part of his contribution to breaking the stigma. In light of this, one of The Monroe Group LLC's missions is to provide housing for low-to-moderate-income (LMI) communities. The firm's philosophy for this housing structure is to build with the community, not on top of it.

According to Desmonde, breaking the stigma currently associated with the concept of affordable housing requires a shift in perspective. Economically Aligned Housing can take many forms, including private property offering lower rents, government-sponsored housing, and even homeownership opportunities for low-to-moderate-income families. The Monroe Group LLC and its partners believe that Economically Aligned Housing Development is crucial for ensuring low-to-moderate-income communities can access safe and secure spaces to call home.

Some of the noteworthy benefits of the Economically Aligned Housing Development scheme by The Monroe Group, LLC are that it helps people stay in their communities, secure employment with local hiring and workforce development initiatives for development projects, and build a bright future for themselves and their families. Therefore, rather than viewing Economically Aligned Housing Development as an outflow of resources, it is essential to recognize its value as an investment in people and communities.

The shift from affordable housing to the Economically Aligned Housing Development by The Monroe Group will prove to be the needed revolution housing in the United States needs as it:

1. Places emphasis on housing that is affordable, suits the individual's economic situation and still maintains a standard quality.

2. Promotes inclusivity, emphasizing everyone has the right to safe housing.

3. Promotes an integrated approach that considers a range of factors, including cost, location, quality, community culture, needs, and accessibility of the living space.

4. Emphasizes the importance of housing in community development.

5. Promotes a more positive perception of housing among low-to-moderate-income individuals.

Changing the narrative is possible, and The Monroe Group is on course to doing so. The company invites everyone to help to change the narrative around affordable housing and join them in building resilient, thriving communities.



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