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Community & Economically Aligned Housing Development (EAHD) 

Autumn Street

The Monroe Group, LLC, specializes in community revitalization projects centered around Economically Aligned Housing Development (EAHD) and Economic Development. We have organized programming for 1000+ unit affordable housing developments in low-income communities and designed people-centered solutions that are impactful and generational. Families and individuals must have access to well-designed, quality, affordable housing to call home. In addition, our firm sees a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on new development that focuses on developing the local economic infrastructure by prioritizing local business, bringing permanent jobs, and offering education and workforce development.

Why Choose us?

Housing  and economic disparities continue to be critical issues in New York City and around the country. While tax credits and other subsidies create opportunities for organizations and developers to build new market-rate commercial and residential developments, they can also bring complicated housing and economic responsibilities for the impacted community and their residents. The Monroe Group, LLC and its partners are devoted to addressing housing issues, and our vision is to develop quality, innovative, Economically Aligned Housing development that meets the community's needs. 

Community Vibrancy

In our multi-disciplinary firm, we are dedicated to leveraging projects to create opportunities for community development and vibrancy. We specialize in designing, developing, implementing, and monitoring processes that meet the objectives of housing and economic development initiatives for our partners, organizations, and the community.   The Monroe Group, LLC recognizes that new and existing projects are vital in shaping our communities, including presenting unique opportunities for workforce development and economic stability for many individuals and families. Therefore, we take responsibility and are committed to ensuring our partners have the knowledge and data that help create opportunities that lead to long-term economic and community resiliency.

Construction Workers

Economic and Workforce Development

Work Place

The Monroe Group, LLC is committed to creating opportunities for employment for community members that are low to moderate-income (LMI), and contracting opportunities for (M/WBE), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses (SDVOB), SBAs 8(a) firms, and small businesses.  With the help of our community partners and organizations, we provide training, technical assistance, policy support, and to encourage and empower contractors and subcontractors to hire qualified community residents and engage certified businesses as compliance, and community requirements dictate.  

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