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Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR)


The Monroe Group, LLC has engaged in robust recovery programs for communities impacted by disasters, and we recognize the powerful forces driving change. Our firm addresses a dramatically increased demand in the disaster recovery sector for modern, nimble, and human-centered approaches. By fusing our disciplines, we have become a recognized industry leader in developing and managing initiatives to build more resilient communities.

Why Choose us?

We understand that Community Development and Disaster Recovery concern the physical realm and a community's social, cultural, economic, political, and environmental aspects. Therefore, disaster recovery and community development need to be intertwined, and effective disaster recovery is resilient community development. Resilient, intentionally equitable planning creates and fosters new opportunities for our communities at large.

Our firm and public and private partners navigate large-scale recovery programs, which work with multiple funding streams, such as FEMA, the New York City, and State CDBG-DR Programs. Because of the experience, we garnered meaningful insight from disaster recovery successes and failures by working with previously established resiliency efforts across industries and communities throughout multiple states.


Real People. Resilient, thriving communities.

Housing Development

"I don't look past people… I see them. And  I understand that good disaster recovery is when people are in a better position— structurally and financially—than before. These are the goals behind national, state, and local disaster recovery and community development funds." 

Desmonde Shalom Monroe 

President & C.E.O The Monroe Group, LLC      

Community Garden
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