Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR)



The Monroe Group is a community development (CD) firm specializing in designing and implementing human-centric programs when communities are recovering from disasters (DR). Having recognized powerful forces driving change—which is seeing dramatically increased demand in disaster recovery in an industry in need of more modern approaches.


According to the World Bank, the bias toward the promotion of new housing can end up benefitting a segment of the population that needs the least help. Persistent racial and income inequalities further exacerbate the risk of the disparities and addressing the complexities of DR and CD requires systemic collaboration and response.

Why Choose us?

We understand that Community Development and Disaster Recovery not only concern the physical realm but also its social, cultural, economic, political and environmental aspects of ‘community. When done right, it is a social and economic inclusion tool for communities and assures that they have a voice, ownership and, over time, mastery of their own progress.

Disasters present a profound opportunity to “get it right.” More important is the stitching together of DR and CD leaders, practitioners and stakeholders even when disasters have not struck so that when they do—and they will—the communities they impact can emerge with its sense of community intact and its people and institutions stronger.

Our team has a great deal of institutional knowledge in:

  • Designing, implementing and operating CDBG-DR programs

  • Compliance

  • CDBG-DR Construction Management

  • Project/Program Management


Real People.

Resilient, thriving communities.

Community Gardening

“I don’t look past people… I see them. And  I understand that good disaster recovery is when people are in a better position— structurally and financially—than they were before. These are actually the goals behind national, state and local disaster recovery and community development funds." 

Desmonde Shalom Monroe 

President & C.E.O The Monroe Group, LLC      


Community Garden
Image by C Dustin