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Climate Change's Increased Impact on Low Income Neighborhoods

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

“We know that climate change will disproportionately impact low-income neighborhoods and communities of color, so any successful approach to climate adaptation should keep these communities front and center,” said Rebecca Herst, director of the Sustainable Solutions Lab. “As we have the hard conversations about how and where investments are made, we need to ensure that we aren’t amplifying inequities that already exist.”

UMass Boston’s Sustainable Solutions Lab has has released a report discussing the importance of funding climate change solutions, as well as potential sources. David Levy, the lead author, asserts “It’s important to point out the high cost of inaction. We need to invest a lot of money, but it will have large benefits and offers the potential to transform, the region into a model of sustainability, resilience, and prosperity, and revitalize neighborhoods with improved housing and transportation.”

Disaster recovery work is important, but cities, states, and the federal government must also actively pursue projects that can help build resilience, and we couldn't agree more that these projects should place special emphasis on the resiliency of low-income areas.



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