The Monroe Group, LLC

Real people.

Resilient, thriving communities. 

We believe


A community is its people, its shared aspirations, its institutions, and businesses—not just its built environment. We must address community needs and vulnerabilities and design equally beneficial solutions; because anything less is unsustainable.

Community and economic development are intertwined.  Resilient, actively inclusive communities create and activate new opportunities.

In the new era 

The time has come for comprehensive community and economic development for real and lasting progress. Communities are at different stages of development. Moreover, how resilient they are can be the significant determinant between setback vs. devastation in the short- /medium-term; and vitality vs. vulnerability in the long-term. Outcome-based indicators of progress, co-defined with the community, are necessary and will complement (or sometimes replace) existing indicators. We also believe that the sense of community as fostered through organic community activity is also an important progress indicator.

Renovated Building

As issues of community, economic, and affordable housing development continue to interact and intertwine, the Monroe Group's offerings and ways of working—ever inclusive, always learning, and increasingly asset-based—will evolve and adapt on the shared journey of progress for resilient, thriving communities.

Apartment Building

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