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 The Monroe Group, LLC

Real peopleResilient, thriving communities. 

We believe

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A community is its people, shared aspirations, institutions, and businesses—not just its built
environment. Our mission is to address community needs and vulnerabilities and design
equally beneficial solutions because anything less is unsustainable. Across our services, we
strive to stay in tune with community perspectives, conditions, and wants. When done right,
community development functions as a social and economic inclusion tool for communities
and assures that they have a voice, ownership, and, over time, mastery of their progress.

What we do

 The Monroe Group, LLC is a New York City-based
Community Development company concentrating on
Affordable Housing Development, Disaster Recovery, and
Capital Project Management. We aim to promote self-sustaining communities through housing and economic development. In addition, we design people-centered solutions that are impactful and generational. Our multi-disciplinary firm is dedicated to leveraging projects to create opportunities for community vibrancy. Our firm provides leading practices blending financial, operational, and technical experience to deliver on the most complex projects.

Community Garden

The Monroe Groups’ philosophy is that a community is its people, shared aspirations, institutions, and businesses, not just its built environment. Therefore, we believe families and individuals must have access to well-designed, quality, affordable housing to call home. In addition, our firm sees a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on new development that focuses on developing the local economic infrastructure by prioritizing local business, bringing permanent jobs, and offering education and workforce development.

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Who we are

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