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Practices and
easy-to-use platforms

The Monroe Group, LLC is a firm that provides/evolve a base of rich, relevant resources for communities and their anchors that supports successful project-level activity.  Our objective is to provide our partners with expert strategies, platforms and institutional knowledge that allows them to execute projects and grow their footprint comprehensively.


We work tirelessly to make sure all projects comply, preventing costly fines, loss of work, and investment. The Monroe Group believes that through the work we do, we help our partners better engage communities consciously. 

Practices  and Platforms

Our team is committed to ensuring that our projects are successful in their endeavors. We plan, design and manage our project using proprietary custom programs and software to execute and monitor progress. We have established relationships with local advocacy groups and have an internal database of talented construction and professional service firms to help augment a variety of projects.

From large public and privately funded programs to more modest projects, our experienced staff can ensure the work is done correctly, in compliance, and give you the tools and reputation to win more work.


Contract Management​​

Effective post-award contract management is essential to the efficient acceptance of supplies and services. The Monroe Group, LLC  assists clients in managing contract deliverables, deadlines, and contract terms with contractors and subcontractors. We ensure your deliverables are met on time and are consistent with the needs and regulations of the project.

We integrate proven capabilities into our services, systems, tools, and platforms.

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