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 Tax Abatement Compliance

 Tax abatement regulations are complex, difficult to navigate, and potentially very costly, often acting as a deterrent for interested firms. Using the expertise and experience of the team at The Monroe Group, LLC, we will develop compliance plans and software based on best practices that ensure our clients are prepared to stay current with all regulations. We work closely with our clients to assess their regulatory needs and develop a comprehensive, customized action plan that covers evaluation, implementation, monitoring, and enforcement. 

I-CAP Compliance​​

The experienced staff at The Monroe Group, LLC assists developers with compliance with all I-CAP regulations. Our services include support for scoping and identifying contracting opportunities with M/WBE firms and construction labor professionals. By retaining The Monroe Group, LLC to handle your firm’s I-CAP compliance, you can concentrate on your core competencies while securing good status with regulators and maintaining eligibility to receive tax benefits

421-a Compliance​​​

Affordable housing continues to be a critical issue in New York City. While this creates opportunities for developers, it can also bring complicated responsibilities associated with monitoring. By partnering with The Monroe Group, LLC firms avoid related complications and costs, including everything from submitting a marketing plan to HPD to maintaining proper marketing documentation. Our team will handle all aspects of compliance, ensuring clients have the highest return on their investment.