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We provide our partners with the tools to ensure that adequate development and infrastructure projects provide services to communities, and create jobs through the expansion and retention of businesses. We design programs that engage communities and stakeholders, that help organizations—agencies, developers, businesses, investors—attuned to ‘what matters’ and ‘what it takes’  to propel progress.


Our goal is to provide expert guidance that facilitates high-quality execution of development and capital projects that embed human-centric, outcome-based insights and intelligence into program policies, methods, tools, and practical inclusion. 


Community Development Block Grant - Disaster Recovery


The Monroe Group, LLC is an expert in successfully developing and implementing initiatives funded by HUD CDBG-DR programs. Our team can design and execute recovery programs that meet the national objective and CDBG-DR program regulatory requirements. This includes establishing policy and procedures, project controls to ensure high quilty program performance through all phases, monitoring projects, and providing technical assistance.​

Building Better Builders

In our multi-disciplinary firm, we are dedicated to helping public and private organizations leverage projects that create opportunities for community development and vibrancy.  We specialize in designing, developing, implementing, monitoring processes that meet the objectives of our partner, organizations and community.  


The Monroe Group, LLC recognizes that new and existing projects are a key to shaping our communities, including presenting unique opportunities for workforce development and economic stability for many individuals and families.  We take responsibility and are committed to ensuring our partners have the knowledge and data so that their efforts help create jobs and provide opportunities that lead to long-term economic and community resiliency.

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