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Compliance Services, Tools and Systems


Regulations are complex, difficult to navigate, and potentially very costly, often acting as a deterrent for interested firms. No matter if its tax abatements, I-CAP, CFRs or local laws, using the expertise and experience of The Monroe Group, LLC,  best practices will equip/enable entities with “fused” sensibilities, capabilities and practices aligned to program goals that ensure our partners are prepared and current with all regulations. We work closely to assess all regulatory needs and develop a comprehensive, customized action plan that covers evaluation, implementation, monitoring, and enforcement. 

Procurement and compliance 

We ensure that project procedures cover: cost reasonableness and where applicable developing independent cost estimates; and a process for solicitation and acceptance of bids. Acceptable methods of procurement (e.g., small purchase, sealed bid/formal advertising, competitive proposals, non-competitive proposals). And implement standards for outreach to small, minority, women, veteran, and Section 3 businesses. 

Our team has experience overseeing many aspects of the compliance process, including desktop reviews, developing policies and procedures, contract management, and monitoring contractor compliance for federal, state, city, and private programs. Much of the success of a project is determined by whether or not it is adequately documented and in compliance, our team’s goal is to make sure that when the project is over, all required metrics are met.


Tools and Systems 

The Monroe Group, LLC has designed proprietary software and systems such as Geoffrey an RF-X management system for small businesses, and our Construction Compliance tools that handle everything from tax abatement compliance to project procurement all in one system.  We develop systems that seek to solve problems, our technology is adaptable to satisfy a project predetermined needs. We implement problem-solving methodology when designing new platforms and bring the appropriate elements of knowledge and creativity specific to the project and, as a result, create solutions that work.


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